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This article contains a list of reference, but its sources remain unclear because it has citations insufficient online. Please help us improve this article by introducing more precise citations. If you pregnant women) is a discoloration of the chamois leather or dark. Although it can affect anyone, Melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those are birth control pills or patch drugs or hormone replacement (HRT) therapy. The symptoms of Melasma are well-defined commonly found hyper pigmented skin blemishes, dark, irregular spots on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip and forehead. These activities often gradually evolve over time. Causes of melasma, that there are no other symptoms of discoloration of cosmetics. Melasma is also common in menopausal women. It is suspected, some peaks in hormones increases. Melasma is to produce more melanin pigments, female sexual stimulation estrogen and progesterone of melanocytes (the epidermal layer of the skin that produce pigment called melanin) hormones when the skin is exposed to the sunlight. A light brown leather, women, live with in areas where intense solar radiation are particularly likely to develop this condition. Genetic predisposition is also an important factor in determining whether a person will develop Melasma. The incidence of Melasma also increases in patients with thyroid disease. It is believed that overproduction of the hormone-stimulating hormone (MSH) melanocyte, caused by stress can cause outbreaks of this disease. Other rare causes Melasma an allergic reaction to medicines and cosmetics. Adrenal Melasma (latin through the kidneys) is a symptom of Addison's disease, especially when they are caused by pressure or minor skin injuries, discovered by Dr. FJJ Schmidt of Rotterdam in the year 1859. Melasma usually diagnosed visually or with the aid of a light wood (340-400 nm wave length). Under wood's lamp, excess melanin is located in the epidermis from the dermis. Discoloration usually disappears spontaneously over a period of several months after birth or stopping oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. Treatments are often ineffective because it returns with a constant exposure to the Sun. Evaluation by a dermatologist will help guide treatment. You can include the use of a wood fire, which determine the depth of the pigment of Melasma. Treatments, which fade the discolored spots include speed: current agents such as hydroquinone (HQ) or GRE GRE depigmentierende revitol scar cream efekty (2%) or prescripcion-fuerza (4%). HQ is a chemical that inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme in the production of melanin. Galvanic facial treatments or ultrasounds with a combination of topical cream or gel. Or in the office of the beauty, both units of the masseuse. In all these treatments, the effects are gradual and a strict avoidance of the Sun is necessary. The solar spectrum with blockers physical such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is best chemical blockers only. This is because UV-A, UV-B and visible light, stimulating the production of pigment all are capable of. Patients should avoid bankruptcy, including hormonal triggers. Cosmetic camouflage also allows you to hide the Melasma. .